Deliver Stellar Experiences

Everyone we interact with should know immediately that we’re not a mediocre software company. This includes the work we do for each other. Figure out what stellar means to your users, and be deliberate about shipping that.

Put Your Name On It

Starting is easy, but finishing is hard, and we need to be finishers. If things fall short, see them through to success. It may not be your fault, but make it your responsibility.

Lift Up The Team

Seek to understand the people around you, and always find ways you can contribute. We’re here to do great work, and only through the team can we accomplish this task.

Prioritize Empathy

Intentionally make time to interact directly with our customers. We build things to enrich their lives, they vote with their dollars to keep our company around. Go out of your way to close the empathy gap.

Choose Humility

We can’t build a team if we’re selfish and focused on accomplishments over learning. Humility is not easy, but it’s not supposed to be. Check your ego at the door.

Always Be Improving

Take the time to work on yourself. Expect the same to be done by everyone around you. The company is a fantastic platform to facilitate this work, don’t let the opportunity pass.

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