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Holidaying at the Microsoft Dynamics website is perceptibly more equitable in countering this query. But, amusingly, a large marketing chunk with each line trying hard to procure customers, is what you end up discovering there.

Supplementary to it, there also would be a few lines establishing the supremacy of dynamics' products over other contenders. What Microsoft Dynamics online page won’t deliver is how different the dynamic elements are with each other.

Microsoft leaves you largely unsupported when it comes to deciding the right product for you, for they say you are your own experts there! 

This write-up situates the four Microsoft ERPs solutions on the basis of their performance and illuminates your path, guiding you to the right one entitled to you.  

Why settle on Microsoft dynamics?

Although, the market is swarmed with lots of tough competitors, Microsoft Dynamics is a prodigious choice if you have settled on it! Points in errand reveal that $9,000,000,000 (count the zeroes again), this big figure, is happily invested by Microsoft in research and development.

The ERP Software offered by Microsoft, justifiably, is much greater than any of its competitors can even think of. It is Microsoft which arms customers with handfuls of information on product strategy, furnishing each one with an anticipated road map, thus giving an idea to its partners and thereby customers about their future plan likelihoods.

When we put our faith upon Microsoft for many of our basic needs, starting at Microsoft Office and ending at Windows SharePoint service, why not choose Microsoft again for an ERP solution? Cherry-picking Microsoft not only ensures that you have chosen a pleasing product, but an unbeatable partner too.
‍When we put our faith upon Microsoft for many of our basic needs, starting at Microsoft Office and ending at Windows SharePoint service, why not choose Microsoft again for an ERP solution? Cherry-picking Microsoft not only ensures that you have chosen a pleasing product, but an unbeatable partner too.

What lies behind the four Microsoft ERP solutions?

The four Microsoft ERP solutions are either an upshot of prudently strategic design or have taken birth due to fortune! Whatever it is, they are incomparable! It was in 2000, when Microsoft finally thought of entering markets. They started the process by conquering US´s mid-range market of ERP of US and further heading to Europe – the then market leader.

Great Plains was the market solution which was impeccably seized by Microsoft in 2000, which then professionally took a wild card entry asMicrosoft Dynamics GP later into markets. Great Plains was not so recently merged with another software services provider Solomon, and thus cameMicrosoft Dynamics SL.

Successfully clutching these, Microsoft was then in the process of making its largest acquisition. It assimilated Navision in 2002 for $1.4 billion, which had also merged with Damgaard.

Damgaard was a fellow company known for developing Apaxta products and Concorde XAL. And thus Microsoft unfolded the other two products Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

What makes these four ERP solutions different? Finally on track now! Now that the foundation is being laid, it would be astute to trace the trail.

Formerly called Axapta, Dynamics AX

Scandinavia perceived the stoutest part of AX with its sagely analyzed proficiency of managing intricacies right from manufacturing to distribution.

The capability to scale to thousands of users at a time was the charismatic expertise which engrossed many.

The same is now officiously covered by other ERPs too and thus the differentiator is no longer the same. Doomed for larger enterprises, AX takes time to get contrivance, but its hefty weight solutions provide the much needed control and a flexible yet strict process throughout the institute. Enterprise accounts manifesting Oracle and SAPwithin themselves are general targets of the same.

Microsoft recommends AX to large companies having an appreciable number of users to automate data management, and is suitable for high budget organizations.

Formerly called Great Plains, Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP is found more in Australian and North American companies. It is an ideal choice for small and mid-sized businesses that are in need of proper accounting aid. It is a nifty step for organizations going little upwards from entry level.

However, the additional bolt-ons required for the smooth processing of the work is decided by the GP alone.

This kills versatility. Further, its inability to function multi-currency and historic weakness, has made it not so popular in continental Europe. In spite of all of this, its authorized vendors and proper accreditation, makes mid-market ERP-GP the second most popular Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Formerly called Navision, Dynamics NAV

Navision can be found very easily in more than 140 countries. Mostly employed by mid-market companiesstock control and finance procurementare some of the many advantages of NAV.

Today, NAV performs a variety of jobs stretching from manufacturing control of distribution, jobs, managing services, sales and marketing and so on. A variety of add-ons compatible with the same are easily available.

The scene is all the more captivating with the fact that these add-ons reside in the databases rather than getting stuck to the interface.

Formerly called Solomon, Dynamics SL

Fortunately or unfortunately, SL is more focused towards accounting and the management of business processes. This ERP has tasted success in UK’s media industry.

Cost matters too! No? One can’t just blindly invest one's money in any of the above keeping in mind only the advantages. AX turns out to be more costly if its license cost is considered. Due to its complexity, it will take further time to get implemented. However, the rest three share the same price range.

Rather than advantages offered and price incurred, one’s emphasis should be centered upon the value it brings to the business.  A new system is undoubtedly going to cost, but if it is meaningful and can prove to be an asset, go for it. Eliminating the ERPs on the basis of their utility within your organization will help in reaching the exact need.

Consider the plus points and it can provide to your business, the business insight Dynamics, and calculate the improved performance then. There are four ERPs and taking decisions is undoubtedly going to be tough otherwise!However, each one is installed with certain traits and values - assimilate them and react wisely.

For they say you are your own experts!

Microsoft is not about greed. It's about innovation and fairness - Bill Gates
Microsoft is not about greed. It's about innovation and fairness - Bill Gates

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