10 Sales Tricks that the Experts are hoping you Don’t Know

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Everything in this world is a competition.

This idea has been drilled into our heads since we were children. Everyone learns at a very early age that some people make brilliant students while others are awesome athletes.

So, keep in mind that the same applies to selling.

You’ll find very quickly that the competition is fierce
‍You’ll find very quickly that the competition is fierce

Large firms are always competing to be at the top of the market even if it means devouring and destroying everyone in their way.

Your competition will never care about how you or your business is being affected by their actions.

If they have the opportunity to take you off the market, they will. You might be wondering… What opportunities does a small business- man like me have in this hostile environment?

Not to worry, we’re going to share everything we know with you to help make sure that your business and sales are concrete in every sense of the word.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you’ve already found your niche in the market. 

Our recommendations for you are to help raise the number of sales you make, whether it’s your first sale or your thousandth.

1. Stick to paper

When talking about business, what a person can see or read in concrete letters will always be worth more than what they hear.

Always bring a written or electronic contract for your potential buyers. You want your customers to trust you and you know what they say… words are cheap.

It’s imperative that your contract or presentation is clear and focuses specifically on the following points:

  • What you sell
  • What problems you can fix
  • What your service or product is different from the others
  • Why you’re passionate about this work
Remember: A prepared salesman will always have the upper hand.

2. Stay Seated

At first, when you present your ideas, be sure to move! Walk around and make your words entertaining. Try to really capture your client’s attention.

Once you’ve finished your presentation and you’re ready to begin the business process, politely take your seat… and don’t move. Even if everyone else is still standing, YOU, as the salesman, should be planted in your seat, ready to make a deal.

Keep in mind that if you stand up before your deal has been made, you’re sending the wrong message to your client. By standing, before a negotiation has been made, is indirectly telling your customer that you’ve changed your mind about doing business with them.

Your only objective here is to make a deal. Don’t let cooperate language trick you into thinking otherwise.

If you show charm, knowledge and initiative, the sale will be done by itself
If you show charm, knowledge and initiative, the sale will be done by itself

3. Watch your tongue

When speaking with a client, it is extremely important to speak clearly and correctly. Many potential buyers can try to fool or intimidate you if you do not have a very clear idea of what you’re talking about or what you want to accomplish.

Walking in with a good strategy already in mind can help you express yourself better. Try first giving your presentation out loud in front of the mirror or using a recorder to see how you come across.

By recording yourself  you can listen and critique yourself. What is the type of presentation you would want to listen to?  Are you speaking clearly and formally?

Remember that it’s very hard to trust someone if you’re not 100% sure what it is their motives are.

4. Don’t forget something to write with!

This may come across as a bit dramatic, but it’s true. You must remember to pay attention to even the smallest details. In any business deal, all eyes are on YOU!

Your buyers are watching your every move. So, even something as small as not having a pen to sign the contract with can lead to a major failure on your part.

Be sure to show just how professional you truly are when you’re sealing the dealwith your customers.

It’s not just about having a pen to write with or staying seated… it’s about portraying yourself as a professional. Once your customers see you as a professional, they’ll feel comfortable knowing that they’re going to get what they’re paying for.

Remember that things can always go wrong if you’re not properly prepared.

5. Bring your sense of humor!

The best way to break any tension is with humor! Try to entertain your customers a bit. Tell a story or crack a joke and you’ll see that it’ll make the whole a experience a bit more enjoyable for everyone.

It’s not enough to just smile: Make sure that your customer feels good and is inspired!
It’s not enough to just smile: Make sure that your customer feels good and is inspired!

Buyers are more likely to do business with someone that makes them feel comfortable. First create your relationship and then worry about the money.

Humorcharisma and learning to be as friendly as possible are the best tools any salesman can possess.

6. Direct eye contact

Although it takes a lot of discipline, you must remember to maintain eye contact at all times.

If you want to be considered a hard-working and serious professional, you mustmaintain eye contact with your customers.

In doing so, you show interest in the buyer and confidence in yourself and personal products.

Eye contact not only is a sign of respect for others, but also the easiest way to show someone just how interested you are in their business.

7. Treat everyone as a potential future client

Act as though each and every business deal you make is the most important you’ve made in your life. Never feel discouraged if your customer inexplicitly tells you that they don’t have the money or the power to make certain decisions. If you understand how to treat your customers right, they will always come back to you.

It’s the Golden Rule that makes all the difference. Always do unto others as you would have done to you. Treating others well is essential in succeeding because every single consumer has the potential to be your next client.

If you treat each person as if they were a client, they just might be one day.

80% of company profits come front the sales department.

8. Never give up!

Despite all your best efforts to be the most prepared person in the room, the most charismatic, funny or friendly and despite all your efforts to make sure that your products and service are the best on the market, there will always be someone telling you differently.

Remember, when this happens, that it doesn’t matter if you were able to sell someone on something or not, but more so, that you were able to capture their attention for a brief moment. And then ask yourself where you took a wrong turn?

Once you recognize and understand what went wrong in closing a particular deal,change your business strategy and make a new offer.

It won’t matter what went wrong in the past, if you can renegotiate with your client andcome to an agreement, your customer will be forever grateful.

9. Stay positive!

You may find, at times, that some of the sales you make might not always be the best. You may find some difficult to close or you may find others a bit complicated, BUT, you shouldnever let one slip away!

If you lose your enthusiasm at any moment, the only direction your deal is sure to go is down.
To succeed as much as possible in the business world, it is essential to wipe any and all negativity off your brain
‍To succeed as much as possible in the business world, it is essential to wipe any and all negativity off your brain

Never lose that  “I think I can, I think I can” attitude and you’re sure to succeed. Yourconfidence in your deal might be the most useful tool you have.

18% of sales fail during the last stage of finalizing the sale.

10. Don’t forget your SMILE!

A simple smile can open a million doors. Not only will a smile show your positive attitude, but it draws empathy from others around you. Successful businesses smile all the time, not because they’re constantly happy, but because they know all the power a smile holds.

Practice your smile daily because, believe it or not, you can do just about anything with a smile… to include arguing or negotiating!

These are our top ten tricks and, through personal experience, we’ve come to realize just how valuable they are.

However, at the end of every sale, the only thing that really matters is how much you want it. How determined are YOU to succeed?

10 Sales Tricks that the Experts are hoping you Don’t Know
‍10 Sales Tricks that the Experts are hoping you Don’t Know

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