Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The world’s leading multinational software enterprise, Microsoft, has devised yet another software strategy for business development – Microsoft Dynamics CRM, where CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

As the name indicates, this software equips a Company and its employees with tools and solutions to support customer relationship. Though this software package focuses mainly on sales, service and marketing aspects, the proprietary framework can also be customized to suit different needs of the Company. 

relationship management software, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful yet dynamic business tool that helps the Company to be more productive by increasing the productive capacity of its employees at the same time nurturing customer satisfaction and loyalty. This software package reaches out to the customer through the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) approach.

This two-pronged strategy has made the Microsoft Dynamics CRM an inevitable factor in today’s computer based sales, marketing and business processes.

Other than the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this software package also has other related products like Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics SL, all ERP applications, in addition to Microsoft Dynamics Real Management Systems (RMS).

Primarily an IIS-based web application, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has the advantage of supporting many web service interfaces. The software can be accessed through Microsoft Internet Explorer, latest web browsers or Microsoft Outlook. Now the latest version of the software has full support for Firefox and Google Chrome browsers

Offering need-based business solutions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM reduces cost and thereby increases business profitability by automating business processes.

The software oriented tools like sales automation service, marketing automation solution and automated customer service tools have taken the customer relationship part of business by storm such that business houses have extended a warm welcome to this popular software package.

The data provided on a customer is converted into a strategic work platform, so that the Company can make more studied and expedited policy decisions on salesmarketing as well as direct customer service. Having a thorough study of the client needs and client relationship management will no doubt result in an increase in Company-customer relationship. 

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM business solutions offer a versatile approach to the various aspects of a business namely sales, marketing, customer service etc. 

1. Sales Solution

In your effort to outpace others in the world of competition in business, one needs to have a thorough idea of the customer relationship tools (CRM) to win the race.

By installing the software you are aiding your staff with appropriate CRM tools that help them to be more connected, collaborative, and insightful and prepared, so that the right decisions are taken at a faster pace in a shorter time leading to high production.

Ultimately, your customers will benefit from a wonderful Company-customer relationship. Make your sales team work on their mobile devices with the software even while they are on the move and this will help them follow schedule and communication to be presented in a meeting, no matter where they are. 

2. Customer Service

For any customer relationship to be smooth, the employee-customer interface has to be very friendly and hassle-free. In short, winning a customer would mean that you win an employer before you go ahead for that ultimate aim of customer satisfaction.

The software package is so built to inspire and motivate employers so that they put in their best efforts, suited to the customer. 

Customer care representatives can take a mutually acceptable decision through better case management, customer context and knowledge management. In case management a faster and all-comprehensive approach is made to address and manage all correspondence, documents and conversations effectively. Also Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers to create acentralized knowledge base, with relevant data of the customers, which can be accessed by Customer Care Representatives to solve problems with appropriate solutions. 

3. Marketing strategy

Working out marketing strategy would mean that you have a thorough understanding of the market demand and client requirements. This will again depend on the relationship that the business company cultivates with its customers.

While new customers are enrolled, it is made a point to retain the ones already there and the business will automatically see an upward growth.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Marketing Pilot software helps the Company as well as the marketing executive to have a better understanding of the customer, know their needs and pop in the right message at the right time. 

With this software package, marketing becomes a cool word, where you can easily create and execute marketing campaigns, see that your digital assets account is up-to-date and you have the right team to collaborate with.

Managing the marketing processes becomes easy and light with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Marketing Pilot software. Also the software provides formulti-channel marketing, wherein the customers are able to make meaningful marketing investments. 

The Software versions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available in 4 versions –both offline and online facilities. The Dynamics CRM online version is available, but customization is restricted in this due to security issues.  

The online version was released in January 2011 in about 40 international markets in 41 languages. Now the power of CRM is available to customers through online connectivity. Dynamics CRM online version has certain advantages against off-line services: 

  • Because of easier user interface experience, jobs are completed with ease along with maximized customer satisfaction. 
  • There is an increased collaboration within the Company’s workgroups leading to efficient team play – sharing data and documents- organized through team management online.
  • Every user can have their own personal dashboards so as to have an idea of their course of work. 
  • Configuration and customization with full .NET application in Windows Azure provides techniques for customization of business applications. 

Configuring Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization

In the Microsoft Office 365 administration center, the section called Manage Dynamics CRM settings will help you configure your CRM online organization.

Under the settings, the description that you provide under the ‘Purpose’ option will help the configuring. This will help you to have a smooth experience in using Microsoft Dynamics CRM online. 

Delivering a profitable business turnover in addition to creating a friendly Company-Customer interface is in short the objective of this software package. Business management is made easier and more effective through this CRM software from Microsoft. 

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