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Barcodes have been the talk of the town ever since their invention. This technology has been used widely and effectively in the retail sector along with the inventory management system and is known for its effective performance.

But very few people know what it is, how it operates and what it has in store for the future. Here’s a brief insight into the technology that has taken by storm some of the most important industries of all times.

Barcode: A Brief Insight

A barcode can be referred to as a rather simple and effective method of encoding information (text or numbers) that can be read by an electronic reader that is inexpensive as well. 

Bar coding technology allows information to be collected in a very efficient and rapid manner that is extremely accurate
‍Bar coding technology allows information to be collected in a very efficient and rapid manner that is extremely accurate

A barcode looks like a series of black and white parallel stripes with spaces. In simple words, a barcode can be considered as a printed Morse Code with narrow bars and spaces that represent dots and wide bars that represent dashes.

A barcode reader reads a barcode in two steps. It first scans a light source across the bar code, and then by measuring the intensity of the light that is reflected by the white spaces in the bar code. 

The pattern of the reflected light is then detected using a photodiode that produces an electronic signal that must match the printed-barcode pattern. This signal is the decoded again to the original data.

This simple mechanism has made barcodes so very popular among the retailers and other industries so much. No matter what store it is, one will always find a barcode on the item.

Barcode Software Generator for the Inventory System / Database Management System

However, there is one question that remains a little puzzling for people who are new in the industry and aren’t aware of the trends in the market today. 

The big question that newcomers face is: What does one do when they do not have their store bar-coded? Given the ease of access and the security a bar-coded item has, along with the cost-effectiveness and easy mechanism, one cal always opt for a technology like this.

For the owner of a business house whose prime concern is to keep track of all the items in his inventory, bar-coding the items is the best bet he can get. 

Any database is the most essential part of a bar code system. The very purpose of barcodes is to reduce/eliminate the slow, prone-to-errors manual task of entering the data into a database; this can be a library database, inventory system or a cash register. Whatever the case maybe, a little error can cause huge problems.

For bar-coding, all one needs is a simple barcode software generator. A simple and effective barcode generator can create secure barcodes that you can then go on embedding on the items.

Here are a few easy ways to create new barcodes and QRs the easy and efficient way

All of these are recent market trends so one will not have a problem finding these and using:


Monrovia has an easy and simple tool, and sells their tools as well which can be downloaded and then loaded onto one’s system and will work just fine. 

Their downloadable-software package is perfect for small business houses and enterprises.

Barcodes Inc

This company sells a whole range of label makers and bar-coding equipments. One can purchase these online; however, this company also offers QR code generators and barcode generators online.


This company allows one to download its code (online tool) snippet which one can put on one’s website easily. Their barcode software is great and they sell the barcode generator software suite for Mac, SAP and Windows.

Zint Barcode generator

This generator is hosted at SourceForge. This generator is highly rated and therefore isn’t available online. One can download the package though, upon purchase.

Wasp Barcode Generator

This company offers a free barcode generator online, along with the complete arsenal of the barcode technologies that will not only help you generate the barcode, but one can create their own codes. 

The company even sends an email when one has filled the form.


Kaywa is a free tool online that generates QR codes.

They also have a rather long and tedious plan (paid) since it has much deeper analytics that it is capable of performing.

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