Kickstart Service

El sistema para PyMEs que se adapta totalmente a la medida de los procesos de tu empresa

Corre totalmente en la nube, y puede ser accedido desde cualquier dispositivo conectado a Internet (incluyendo teléfonos y tablets)


  • Importación de productos, clientes y proveedores
  • Configuración básica de los campos
  • Configuración básica de los reportes
  • Configuración básica de alertas de mail
  • Configuración de formularios
  • Configuración del plan de cuentas
  • Explicación básica sobre como comenzar a usar la app, y como acceder a soporte
  • Perfiles de usuario
  • Importación de históricos de ventas desde otros sistemas
  • Logo del usuario en la App
  • Configuración avanzada de los campos
  • Configuración avanzada de los reportes
  • Configuración avanzada de alertas de mail
  • Encabezado y pie del email
  • Workflowrules
  • Procesos de aprobación
  • Configuracion Chatter y Grupos:
  • Configuración de Data Security:
  • Public Calendars and Resources

Partner with Marketing Cloud Experts

Finding the right partner is key to making the most of Marketing Cloud. You can think of Marketing Cloud Services as an external part of your marketing team. Here are a few ways you can count on them to help you with implementing and managing Marketing Cloud.

We’ve Got Your (Implementation) Back

Implementing a new system can be a daunting task, but Marketing Cloud experts will partner with your marketing team to get your system running the way you need. Marketing Cloud Services team will work closely with you and your tech experts during the entire process. Involve your IT department and key stakeholders early in the process so you can get a clear picture of everything that needs to happen for a successful and smooth implementation. You know your customers, we know marketing, and together we can find a solution that’s perfect for you.

Clean and Migrate Your Data

You collect a lot of data about your customers, and sometimes that data needs a little housecleaning. Marketing Cloud experts partner with your tech experts on the best way to clean and organize your data before you implement Marketing Cloud. It’s not just about clean data, but also the right data. Are you collecting the right data to impact your customers’ experience with your brand? We have experts who’ll help you identify the right data to collect, and then make that data available in Marketing Cloud.

We’re Here Just For You

Your partnership with Marketing Cloud Services doesn’t end after implementation. We work to understand your business goals and help you achieve them, even when your business goals change. We can help you improve adoption, deployment times, reporting and analytics, automation rates, or whatever your business needs to engage your customers. We can provide mission critical support and strategic guidance that helps you execute your vision. You’re not alone in this adventure, marketing is what we do.

Required Fields

You already know which fields are necessary to support Gelato’s business objectives. It’s in your data management plan. So make those fields required. For Gelato’s leads, you make several custom fields required, including those fields related to important dates and industry information. Then, leads can be properly scored, assigned, and converted.

Validation Rules

Want to make sure that phone numbers follow a particular format? Use validation rules. Just set up validation rules for any field. Then, when records are saved, the data is checked to make sure that it follows the appropriate format. Validation rules are super versatile. For example, to make a standard field required, you can use a validation rule that checks to see if the field is blank. You use validation rules for phone, credit card, and customer ID fields. You also use validation rules to make standard lead contact info fields required.

Workflow Rules

Workflow rules are the magic wand in your Salesforce implementation act. Workflow rules let you automate standard internal procedures and processes to save time across your organization. You set up workflow rules so that leads are routed to the nearest rep. You do this to assign service requests, too. Now, Gelato’s reps can focus their time on growing business--not assigning records.

Page Layouts

There’s a zillion fields on some records, and you know your reps aren’t using half of them. So, ditch ‘em! That’s right, you remove them from the page layout for your reps. In fact, you create customized page layouts for different kind of reps and managers across Gelato. Give them the fields they need when they need them. While you’re at it, you put the most important, required fields at the top.


Why make your reps and managers wade through the swamp of reports and records? Instead, create simple dashboards to support business objectives. For Gelato, you create a series of dashboards for managers across Gelato to show things like lead assignment and missing campaign data.

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