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What is a Help Center?

A Help Center is your customer-facing support site – ideally your customers’ first stop when they run into a problem. Help Centers should include self-service articles, FAQs, contact information, and feedback widgets.

It should be very easy for your customers to contact your support team, through a variety of channels, from anywhere on your Help Center.

What is a help center article?

Articles that cover step-by-step instructions, commonly asked questions, reference materials, best practices – the list goes on.

Typically they live in your Help Center, and are aimed at helping your customers fix problems and use your products. Your self-service articles and any links within them should be maintained regularly (see Help Center Audit), or your customers will get frustrated using outdated content.

# 1
Estamos en el Puesto 1 en Softonic desde hace media década ininterrumpida
Desde nuestra comunidad ofrecemos soporte técnico todos los días
Más de sesenta mil empresas instalan nuestro software todos los años
Desde hace más de 20 años potenciamos a las PyMEs de Iberoamérica