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» Navigate your way around Salesforce

» Perform simple customizations

» Search for data in Salesforce

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Navigate Salesforce

Move Between Areas and Features

At the top of each Salesforce page are tabs and links for navigating to major features in Salesforce.

Use the tabs to switch between objects and features. You can customize this list to suit your needs (more on this in a bit).Search to find any type of record.Access user-specific customizations from the drop-down next to your name.Use the Setup menu to customize Salesforce for your whole organization. (You must have administrative privileges.)Access help resources and training.A list of apps, each of which contain different features and tabs.

The header area

If you don’t see the tabs you expect to see, select a different app from the drop-down app menu.

The Salesforce app picker

Home Tab

When you log in to Salesforce, your first view will likely be the Home tab. The items displayed vary depending on your edition, layout, and customizations. A default layout generally includes these items.

A sidebar where you can create new records, jump to your recently viewed items in Salesforce, add handy links, or restore items that you’ve deleted. The same sidebar appears on most pages.Your Chatter feed, which allows you to collaborate with colleagues in context, all in Salesforce. Your feed can be collapsed (as shown) or expanded by clicking Show Feed.Dashboards showing up-to-the-minute results from several reports. Dashboard information is refreshed whenever you reload the page.Your open tasks in Salesforce, with the option to filter by date range or view all open tasks. If you don’t see them right away, scroll down, or collapse the Chatter feed to move Tasks up.Your calendar of events in Salesforce, including options to create new events.

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