Create Shortcuts to Your Favorite Stuff

Favorites is a Lightning Experience-only boon that lets you jump to specific records, lists, groups, and other pages. Favorites are similar to bookmarks in a web browser, but much better. The favorites star (

Favorites icon

) at the top of the page is your personal lodestar. It’s always there to help you navigate quickly to what you use most often, regardless of the browser or computer you’re logged in to.

Favorites icon in the navigation bar

Adding the current page to your favorites is as simple as clicking

Favorites icon

. Saved favorites are always just a click away in your personal favorites list.

Use Favorites to create shortcuts to often-used pages

Create a favorite for the Closing This Month list view for opportunities. Switch to the list view any time from the favorites list.

You know you’re on a favorite page when the favorites star is highlighted. Remove a page from the favorites list by clicking the highlighted star.

As your favorites list grows, keep it organized so it stays effective. Edit the list to arrange favorites in an order that makes sense to you. And feel free to rename favorites so they’re memorable. For example, give an important opportunity a short nickname or change an ongoing case from a hard-to-remember number to a label that describes the issue. (Don’t worry, you’re not changing the actual name of the record!)

Edit your favorites list so its arranged to your liking

From the favorites list, select Edit Favorites. Then drag favorites to where you want them. Give favorites names that mean something to you. Delete favorites that you don’t need anymore.

Access Favorites from the Navigation Bar

Oh, and remember those item menus that appear next to standard and custom objects in the navigation bar? If you have favorite list views or records for any of these objects, the three that you access the most are automatically included here too.

My Favorites section in the navigatio menu for Opportunities

You may find it more natural to look for object-specific favorites in the item menu. It’s also a helpful way to filter favorites by the item you’re interested in.

Remember how we quickly added items to the navigation bar? Using the same process, quickly add your favorites to the navigation bar. Click the pencil icon on the navigation bar. Click Add Items. Search through Favorites and select which items to add to the navigation bar. Confirm the order and save your changes.

Let’s wrap up with a few things to keep in mind when using favorites.

  • You can create 200 favorites for these types of pages: records for your org’s standard and custom objects, list views, dashboards, reports, dashboard and report folders, and Chatter groups.
  • You can’t create favorites for:
  • List views for Reports, Dashboards, Files, Tasks, and Notes
  • List views that are overridden with custom Visualforce pages
  • Individual Chatter posts

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